Pro tips for bug bounty

Pro Tips For Bug Bounty

1) clear your mindset about bugbounty ( learning > money)

2) Always focus the target as it’s a fresh one

3) Always look at the path less visited. Hunt on subdomain rather than main domain

4) Don’t rely only an online courses and videos. Reading books and blogs gives much better insight

5) Don’t ask people to share their Poc videos. If they wanted to flaunt would’ve share it before

6) Follow everyone from infosec (Twitter). Hands on people’s latest blog as soon they are available

7) Don’t feel your starting late.its never late to do anything

8) Pick one program you like and stay attached to it as long as possible. More chances to find bugs

9) Don’t cry over duplicates

10) Understand the impact of every bug. what does this bug do ? How does a hacker use it ?

11) Take money because you are awesome.

Credit: Gaurav Narwani

Blogger | Security Researcher | Digital forensic analyst | Twitter — @mrunal110

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