Source Code Disclosure

Source code often contains some form of sensitive information. It may be configuration-related information (e.g. database credentials) or simply information about how the web application works. If source code files are disclosed, an attacker may potentially use such information to discover logical flaws

description :

The website could have a custom specialized download page which allows users to download content. If vulnerable to source code disclosure, that page could be used to extract source code and configuration files.

GET /pictures/wp-config.bak HTTP/1.0
Cookie: login=test%2Ftest
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko)

Depending on the source code, database connection strings, username, and passwords, the internal workings and business logic of application might be revealed. With such information, an attacker can mount the following types of attacks:
Access the database or other data resources. Depending on the privileges of the account obtained from the source code, it may be possible to read, update or delete arbitrary data from the database.
Gain access to password protected administrative mechanisms such as dashboards, management consoles and admin panels, hence gaining full control of the application.
Develop further attacks by investigating the source code for input validation errors and logic vulnerabilities.

Actions to Take
Confirm exactly what aspects of the source code are actually disclosed; due to the limitations of this type of vulnerability, it might not be possible to confirm this in all instances. Confirm this is not an intended functionality.
If it is a file required by the application, change its permissions to prevent public users from accessing it. If it is not, then remove it from the web server.
Ensure that the server has all the current security patches applied.
Remove all temporary and backup files from the web server.
Required Skills for Successful Exploitation
This is dependent on the information obtained from the source code. Uncovering these forms of vulnerabilities does not require high levels of skills. However, a highly skilled attacker could leverage this form of vulnerability to obtain account information from databases or administrative panels, ultimately leading to the control of the application or even the host the application resides on.

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